Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Kembali Bergelar Pelajar


Alhamdulillah. Sedar tak sedar dah nak dekat sebulan aku bergelar sebagai seorang pelajar ijazah di UiTM Shah Alam ni. Banyak benda baru aku belajar, banyak benda baru aku discover, banyak ragam manusia aku jumpa. Tapi semua tu adalah sebahagian dari pengalaman la. Baru aku tahu macam mana rasa hidup di perantauan. Cewaahh ini baru kat Shah Alam azam oi, bukan kat overseas lagi, cerita nak gah je kan. K.

With Nurul Izzati Husna time my family nak hantar aku ke Shah Alam.

So sebagai seorang pelajar, mesti lah ada assignments, segala bagai tu kan. So here is one of my assignment for english subject : Annoying things in UiTM Shah Alam campus. It's an essay, which will summarize all I think about Shah Alam campus sepangjang aku stay sini. Takyah penat penat aku nak tulis lagi dah. Haha. 

So here it is;

     “Shah Alam campus is going to be fascinating and interesting”. That is what I thought the first time I got here. I’ve wanted to go to UiTM Shah Alam campus since diploma. Because here I thought life could be more challenging and adventurous. I went to Arau campus and it was not really adventurous since my hometown is in Alor Setar, which I can go home anytime I want regularly. But here, i'm away from my family, so I have to try to learn how to do things and solve things on my own, I have to try to be very independent which at first I thought it could be fun. But then I realize it is kind of hard when I have to deal with a lot of things here that involves my family. I admit that it took me a while to settle into this new environment.

     The first day I arrived here at the university, I was extremely thrilled by the environment, the buildings, the landscapes and the peoples, but at the first sight of my dormitory, something disappoint me a little. The lavatory is old fashion, and a bit small. The lighting is not good which makes it looks so dull, dark, and creepy. It doesn't meet my expectation, which I thought it was going to be out of the ordinary. So I was a bit frustrated about that.

    The next thing that annoys me here is the size of the classroom and the capacity of it. The classroom is very small. My group has about 33 to 37 students but all the classes around the block can only fit like 25 to 30 students. So every time we have class, some of us who arrive late will have to find their own chair in another classroom and have to sit without a table, or maybe share a table with their friend. It is never good to study like this because we cannot have a proper focus and we all know that it is not comfortable to study like that. This situation is not good for both the students and lecturers and I’m not happy about it.

      Furthermore, the class is not occupied by an air conditioning system. Just imagine how we are supposed to study properly, with a large number of students, sitting in a small room, unoccupied with an air conditioning system ? It‘s very uncomfortable ! Even the big lecture hall didn't have air conditioning ! I was so frustrated. And here I thought Shah Alam campus is more developed and advanced compared to the other campuses. But obviously I’m wrong.

    And the last thing is about the free wifi that is provided by this university. It is not convenient. It is extremely slow, that I can hardly connect to a simple website such as facebook and twitter. I am concern about this because it’s going to cause me problems when I want to do researches and assignments, which need to be done effectively by the use of internet. I think the inconvenience of this free wifi is not a good thing for not only me, but most of the students here.

     There’s a lot more annoying things happens here, but try to think it positively, every places have their own uniqueness and nature. I know the university is trying to develop more and more and I have to admire them all for that. Of course it will cost me a lot of time to adapt to this new environment. However, I've also got a few friends which I know they will help me to go through all this, and that goes to the things I love about this campus – to be around with my friends.


See you next time. In Syaa Allah. Assalamualaikum. 

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